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E9X M3 Modified Back Box (Tips Not Included)



The boxes are firstly cut open and then the fibreglass sound deadening is removed. The nominated perforated pipes are then wrapped in aluminium high-temperature adhesive foil followed by being wrapped in high-quality exhaust wrap and finally secured in place with stainless steel ladder ties. The fibreglass sound deadening is then replaced in the exhaust and then it is welded back up using stainless steel mig wire, meaning it will never rust.

When you order please advise what mod you would like to go for I.e 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5 or 4 pipe.

This is how I've always explained the difference in mods:

Around town - Spirited Drive

1.5 pipe mod = Subtle - Moderate
1.75 pipe mod = Moderate - Medium
2 pipe mod = Moderate - Medium/loud
2.5 pipe mod = Loud - LOUD
4 pipe mod = LOUD - ASBO

These mods are very well known and can be easily found on YouTube however you need to hear one in person to truly appreciate it.

This mod really unleashes the sound of the V8 and at only a fraction of the cost of a custom exhaust.

I can also supply modded and aftermarket tips as per the pics if you if you would prefer however this will be extra. The exhaust will then not only sound like a custom exhaust it will look like one.

Mobile fitting can also be arranged if required for a small fee, why not trade in you old OEM box to get £180.00 (Inc Vat) off the outright price.


BMW E90 M3
BMW E92 M3
BMW E93 M3


  • 1x Modified E92 Backbox


Products are supplied with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may occur, outside of usual wear and tear. A replacement unit will be issued or an alternative if the item is discontinued.